"Kimberly is absolutely incredible. I have been singing for 20+ years and wanted to find a teacher who knew their stuff. I have always struggled with finding correct placement and having confidence in my voice."

"She has taught me proper techniques in singing and placement in the last 2 years and by doing so my confidence has grown. She is supportive and there is so much to learn from her. She is also not afraid to learn more and give that knowledge to her students."

"I love Kimberly and she has seriously helped me so much. I would recommend her to anyone looking to improve their vocal technique."

~ Camille Densley

"I was impressed with her knowledge and I learned a lot about the physiology involved when using your voice.

"The exercises had great variety and kept me engaged and looking forward to the next lesson.

"She is not only flexible with scheduling lessons, but also with a strategy to reach my goals. As our lessons progressed, my goals did too and Kimberly adjusted the exercises so that I was challenged every week.

"I appreciate that she asks for my input in the musical selections and varies the type of song so that I am always learning.  I have learned new techniques, better breathing habits, and an array of terminology.  Not only has my range increased and but my confidence has as well.

~Kim Larson

"I loved my voice lessons with Kimberly! She listened to my personal goals and helped me find the best way to accomplish them. She was also great at helping me pick new goals to continuously improve.

"She really knows how to involve your whole body to create the best sound. Voice lessons were never boring because I was always trying a new exercise.

"I really appreciated her attention to detail. She uses professional technical terminology, but always makes sure to explain. I always know what's going on in her lessons and feel educated, and comfortable to ask questions.

"Kimberly also recorded all of my lessons so I could listen to them, and use the same warm-ups and exercises to practice between lessons.

"As someone who wants to pursue musical theatre, my lessons with Kimberly were so important. I definitely achieved my goals. After working with her I was offered a callback for my favorite musical! I always felt pushed in the right direction to achieve my goal. I would recommend Kimberly to anyone."

 ~Anna Bodily